Hi Visitor!

I’m Sarah. I’m a junior Political Science and English major at Davidson College hailing from Falls Church, VA.

a-meI have always been an avid doodler. I figure, hey! If I make sense of the world through art, why not use art to make sense of poetry too?

Here at Davidson I have the opportunity to explore all of my varying interests, from studio art and creative writing to public policy. I am particularly involved in campus life as the president of the College Libertarians and a member of the cheerleading team. In short, I am a liberal arts student through and through.

As a libertarian, I think a lot about ownership of the body and property, advocating for justice reform and privacy. My political views definitely informed how I analyzed Auden’s “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” and “September 1, 1939.” I focused on images of imprisonment, freedom, and peace, pulling out the political meanings of the poems and evoking them through drawings of the human body, tormented by an oppressive society.

I hope you enjoy clicking through this project! I had a lot of fun putting it together. I drew every picture on the site, and maintain the rights to them. Please do not reproduce anything without permission.

If you have any questions about this site or my work, please reach out! Email me at sagompper@davidson.edu or find me on social media:

Twitter: @gomppers

Instagram: @gomppers

LinkedIn: Sarah Gompper

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Want to see real pictures of me and read my academic, journalistic, or creative writing samples? Take a look at my personal website here.